Who We Are


Birgit Aust

Founder & CEO

Diploma in political scienes, trainer, choreographer and founder of the eiskunst-werkstatt. I explore the creative and artistic potential of dance on ice and build diverse bridges into new spaces.
"Let's talk about dance & ice" I created as a space to learn from and with each other and to make possible the encounter of different people with different backgrounds under the guidance of experts in dance mediation.


Elisa Siegmund

Tech Lead

Professional dancer and choreographer on ice and stage floor in the versatile world of modern and contemporary dance; graduated from Folkwang University of the Arts; among others, founder and artistic director of the research and performance project IceDanceTheater-Fusion and co-founder of UNFREEZE - Contemporary Ice Skating Festival Berlin.

The idea for the talks about dance & ice originated with Birgit Aust. Together we have been pioneers in the field of contemporary ice skating for many years. With my many years of experience in dance, with and without blades, I take over the artistic assistance in this project.

Maren Witte

PhD in dance and literature, freelance dance dramaturge in Berlin, professor for theater and dance in social settings at the Ottersberg University of the Arts.

I like to go ice skating a few times in winter with friends and family.

As a dance facilitator and founder of TANZSCOUT, Birgit approached me to moderate the talks about dance & ice, in order to open contemporary dance art to a non-specialist audience and to offer access, views and perspectives.

I am happy to bring my "insider knowledge" from the field of dance into the conversations and am very excited to see how a connection to ice will develop. I think there is exciting potential slumbering here.

Office Manager

Eva Blascke

CMA (Certified Movement Analyst), dancer, trapeze dancer, dance educator, choreographer and instructor in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies Berlin as well as in dance education at TUT in Hannover and in dance therapy, Berlin.
I am happy to join the team in the 2nd row as a facilitator with my expertise in movement analysis.
As an artist I am especially interested in dealing with sensitivity. The exciting dialogue with live music, the sensual handling of material and the exploration of unusual stage spaces indoors and as outdoors have been driving me for a long time.

Product Manager