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Looking back to the first 3 series

Acting & Drama Classes

Unterstützt durch das NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ - STEPPING OUT, gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen der Initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Hilfsprogramm Tanz.

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"Hm... that's not dance..." - Dance on floor and ice can inspire, leave you with incomprehension or arouse curiosity. With our conversations about dance & ice we want to find new inroads to aspects of contemporary dance & performance.

We invite people from dance, figure skating, contemporary ice skating and rolling performance arts to come together for an exchange. Elisa Siegmund (IceDanceTheater-Fusion) and experts from TANZSCOUT will support us. In our digital spaces you can share questions, thoughts and individual perceptions.

All online events take place once in German and once in English. 

IOur conversations will be resepectful, mandful and create space for discovering one's own hidden knowledge. Insider knowledge from dance education, contemporary skating, dance studies, theater studies and dramaturgy is as well incorporated in a supportive way. 

The base of our discussions will be video sequences, that we watch together. We are supplemented by participating artists whenever possible.

The element ice will accompany the conversations in 3 thematic blocks from different perspectives, as an artistic medium in the context of climate change.


of the first 3 series

1st series: Examples from contemporary dance



6 pm (Berlin) 



6 pm (Berlin)

German Tanztheater

We approach the work of Pina Bausch and Sascha Waltz. Where do we find points of contact with dance on the medium of ice?

Conceptual Dance

What do we "read" in works by Jérôme Bel and Meg Stuart? Which thoughts are behind conceptual dance? Are there impulses still vivid today?



6 pm (Berlin)

Current themes on german dance stages

We talk about the thematization of otherness and diversity in works by Jérôme Bel, Meg Stuart, as well as Christoph Winkler and Ahmed Soura..

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2nd series: Fascination of rolling movement & dance perspectives

We are interested in artists who deal with rolls and / or wheels in their performances.
What are the similarities between 'rolling' and 'gliding'? What performative aspects make rolling on a dance stage special? How do performers experience rolling / gliding on stage?

Our online conversations will be based on short video sequences of different possibilities of rolling in performative situations, which we will look at from different perspectives. Aspects of Laban's movement analysis can help us find words and terms to enter into conversation and think further.
The 2nd series of "Let's talk about Dance & Ice" will be moderated by Eva Blaschke on behalf of of TANZSCOUT.



6 pm (Berlin) 

Performance with rollerskates

We will talk about excerpts from the piece "The end of the alphabet" by Lea Moro (Berlin/ Zurich, Contemporary Dance) as well as short insights into freely organized performances in the USA and Berlin, in which roller skates & dancing are combined.



6 pm (Berlin)

Performance with wheelchair

We will concentrate on short video sequences of "Every Body Electric" by Doris Uhlich (Austria, contemporary dance and choreographer). The dancer Vera Rosner will be present to give us more insights.



6 pm (Berlin)

Performance with unicycle and juggling

The artist Felix Bürkle (NRW, Contemporary Circus) will be present at the talk. In his pieces he deals with objects: from the unicycle as a sophisticated artistic aid to everyday objects. We will see selected video sequences of his piece "self-made" .

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3rd series: Pioneers of contemporary impulses in 20th century figure skating

Already in the last century there were groundbreaking impulses in figure skating, both in the context of competition as well as in the show area. Here, pieces were created in which methods and concepts of modern and contemporary dance found their way into the world of ice. Moderated by Julia Heinrichs from TANZSCOUT we focus on this, looking at  historical backgrounds, seeking insights into the concrete artistic work and talking about our perception of the selected pieces.

We are especially pleased that Kurt Browning and Gary Beacom will be present at the English dates.



6 pm (Berlin) 

Torvill and Dean - Pioneers of contemporary impulses

With their "Bolero" Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean set a still valid milestone in artistic approaches to ice dance. We will look back to 1984 and  analyse their gold program and their show programm "Encounter" with contemporary dance perspectives.



6 pm (Berlin)

Kurt Browning - Pioneer of contemporary impulses

Kurt Browning set multiple milestones in his professional career. We will speak about his pieces "Nyah" and "I like to move it" from a contemporary dance perspective.



6 pm (Berlin)

Gary Beacom - Pioneer of contemporary impulses

His piece “Hard Edge” at the Ice Theater of NewYork in 1988 was revolutionary and still is. We will talk about his 20 min performance and the program "Malevolant Landscape"from a contemporary dance perspective.

It all starts with THE post-war choreographer Pina Bausch, the great pioneer of German dance theater: What of her rich legacy remains with us? How forward-looking is her work today? And are there any current artists who are following in her footsteps?

Maren Witte from TANZSCOUT moderates the talks and complements them with her dance knowledge.

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